Shake Weight – What is the fascination with this easy to use at home, exercise weight?

Now the sun has decided to make an appearance and with time ticking on I am back on my crazy diet in order to shed the comfort drinking tyre. There is only so much my diet can do though and in order to remain toned it is totally up to me to find a balance of the exercises that will actually help me. I am no longer a gym bunny and just the thought of running on a treadmill in the same spot for 30 mins amongst other sweaty people sends shivers down my spine… thank you, but no thank you, there are other options, especially for single mums. Welcome, the Shake Weight!


With many different exercise video’s to choose from it can be hard to know which to choose and it may be hard to find one that targets a specific body area. I am not the only one to admit I like to see results immediately, I am far to impatient, which is why my diet is perfect for me! When the Shake Weight landed on my doorstep I couldn’t help but giggle, I am sure we all have, but do you know it does actually work!!
Alex Curran (wife of Steven Gerrard) is a great advocate (and the face) of Shake Weight, she openly admitted that she used the weight after the birth of her youngest child and noticed it had a great effect on her arms and shoulders. At the rate she slimmed down it was fair to say that the Shake Weight had a very positive impact on her toned arms.
The thing I love about the Shake Weight is how convenient it is – the DVD that accompanies the boxed product simply slips into the dvd player and loads immediately. With the option of watching the short intro or jumping straight into the routines you can take it at your own pace. The female instructor (American) is very gung-ho and positive in her affirmations that using the product for the 6 minute routine daily will result in toned arms. As with any exercise dvd the instructors are terribly fit and there is no trace of fat on their bodies, however the fact I can feel the strain (pain!!) must be a good sign!
After a week of continued use I started noticing that the 6 minute routine flew by – it is the equivalent of two ad breaks! Not only that but I noticed that I was able to easily follow the routine and I found myself putting more effort into exerting myself. Dare I say I did actually notice my arms feeling more toned!
Not only does the Shake Weight help to tone your arms but it also improves your chest and shoulders also, it can help with your posture also. Working on inertia (def: the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest, or the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion) the weight works well even with the slightest movement, for this it really couldn’t be any easier to exercise your upper body!
Priced around £15.99 from Amazon, Tesco, BHS and Amazon, or direct from I could not recommend the Shake Weight highly enough – the pink weight is super girly (although it seems men have a huge fascination with the product and have no problem using the pink weight!), it is very very convenient and the 6 minute workout routine is easy enough for any non – gym junkie to follow.

Guest Post: Divorce… hints and tips

I am please to share this highly informative guest post courtesy of Emily Sauder . Emily is a full time mother of three and part time freelance writer who loves everything about motherhood, shopping, travelling and spending her partner’s money.

What to expect from divorce

Even the simplest divorce – parting on reasonable terms without any disagreement over the arrangement – is a sad process to go through, but the worst you can expect in this situation is that your divorce proceedings will take months to complete, depending on your available funds and what reasons you’re stating for the break-up.

At the other end of the scale – sugar-coating this would be unfair – divorce can be one of the toughest life events you’ll experience, ranking up there with moving house & death of a loved one on the stress-scale. If you’re reading this out of casual interest, I’d strongly advise you to simply not get married unless you’re absolutely certain that it’s right for you, because divorce is horrible, however smoothly it goes. If you’re already faced with it, however, now is not the time for regrets – surround yourself with strong friends & family, and research as much as you can handle in order to stay on top of what will probably be a stressful experience, no matter how eager you are to escape.


Grounds for divorce

In the UK, you can only dissolve a marriage without waiting if your partner has been unfaithful, or if you’re accusing them of what’s called “unreasonable behaviour”, which can range from violence or addiction (drinking or gambling, for example) to milder examples like having no shared interests or their spending too much time at work. Alternatively, you can divorce

 – if your spouse has deserted you for a minimum of two years

– if you’ve been separated for two years and you both agree to a divorce

– you’ve been separated for five years (no agreement necessary)


Cost of divorce

It used to be possible to do your own divorce in the UK, only paying the court costs. However, recent legislation changes have made this much harder & more expensive, especially if you get anything wrong, which often happens because the court staff can’t or won’t tell you how to do it properly. It’s less stressful to hire someone else to do it for you, if at all possible. This can range from around £500 via online divorce agencies, which are legitimate but can take up to a year to finalise, to £1000s if you pay a local lawyer. The latter will happen faster, but bear in mind that the court must still wait 6 weeks, after the application to divorce has been accepted, to finalise your divorce – this legality allows people to contest the proceedings if necessary.


Helping your kids understand

If you have children, it’s usually best to be as honest as possible with them, even if that means introducing them to some of the sadder themes of adult life, like growing apart when you get together very young, or marrying because you think you have to, instead of because you want to.

Everybody makes mistakes – there’s no shame in it, providing you work towards not repeating them. Make certain, too, that your kids know it’s not their fault, & that your love for them is unchanged – although try not to overcompensate & spoil them with gifts or apologies, because this can lead to calculated manipulation in some kids who feel particularly hard done-by. This may sound harsh – of course, your divorce will have an emotional impact on your children – but the more you can keep “normal”, the better.

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#Competition – Tesco Baby and Toddler savings & #Win a £50 Tesco Voucher @TescoBabyClub


Every little helps and when it comes to being a parent, we all agree with that statement! To help families, Tesco have cut prices on Baby and Toddler essentials until 8th April 2012, in order to launch great deals all across the store. If you like to shop online then there are  additional e-coupons available for some items that mean you can save even more!


The price cuts include (amongst many others):

Nappies and Wipes

·         3 x packs of Pampers Sensitive Wipes for FREE when you spend over £20 on Pampers Nappies

·         Pampers Baby Dry / Active Fit Carry Packs: Was £6.49, Now £5

·         Pampers Baby Dry / Active Fit Jumbo Packs: 2 for £22

·         Pampers Easy Up Pants: Was £9.99, Now £8.50

·         Pampers Simply Dry Economy Pack: Was £7.29 Now £6.50

·         Huggies Super Dry / Natural Fit / Little Walkers Economy Packs: 2 for £15

·         Huggies Pull Ups: Was £5.48, Now £2.74

·         Huggies Drynites Pyjama Pants: Was £5.89, Now £4.50

·         Huggies Baby Wipes: Was £2.59,  Now Buy One Get One Free

·         Award Winning Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes: Was £1.36, Now £1

·         Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive Box: Was £14.99, Now £10

·         Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes: Was £2.44, Now £1   Online offer: Buy 9 for £8 with this code: GRFF9M


·         Selected Johnson’s Baby Toiletries 500ml: Was £2.69-£2.99, Now Buy One Get One Free

·         Oilatum Junior Cream: Was £6.46, Now: £4.84

·         Oilatum Junior Emollient Bath: Was £4.84, Now £3.63

·         Johnsons Cotton Buds: Was £1.35, Now £1.15

Tesco have very kindly allowed me to run a competition in which one fabulous SFR reader can win a £50 Tesco voucher!!!

To enter simply leave a comment stating the Tesco catchphrase (hint you will find it in the opening paragraph!)

The competition will close on Friday 9th April 2012 at Midday – please make sure you leave a valid email address!

How to keep children happy on long car journeys

How to keep children happy on long car journeys

It’s natural for parents to feel anxious about taking their children on car journeys. Let’s face it – kids don’t always make the easiest travelling companions! But by preparing well, you can turn a potentially difficult journey into an enjoyable family experience. 

Here are a few ways to make sure that your kids have a good time in the car.

Good preparation

Getting lost is the last thing you want when you’re travelling with kids. Make sure you’ve planned the best route and have reliable navigation. A sat nav system could save you a lot of hassle. But it’s also a good idea to keep the latest road atlas at hand as a backup. Don’t forget to factor in extra time for breaks and unexpected delays.

It’s also vital to check that your car is ready for the journey. Top up your tyre pressure, oil, fuel and other fluid levels before your start. Also, remember to pack sensibly and don’t overload your car. Make sure there aren’t any loose bits of unsecured luggage, that could cause injury if you make a sudden stop.

Take regular breaks

According to the AA, when travelling with their kids, parents should take a break either every one hour and 45 minutes, or 93 miles. This is based on the average summer holiday car journey of four hours and 28 minutes. Taking frequent breaks helps to keep the children’s boredom levels under control. It’s also important for the parents to refresh themselves regularly. It’s a good idea to stop in family-friendly services with play areas for children.


The latest hi-tech options such as portable DVD players, backseat car monitors, game consoles and audio books can help keep kids of all ages entertained. Just make sure you carry headphones and car chargers for these devices as well.

But why not use the car trip as an opportunity for the whole family to spend some quality time together? You can always try some good old-fashioned car games. Old favourites like I spy, singalongs, word association and memory games are all great ways for parents and kids to interact.

You can also keep separate activity packs for each child, filling them with their favourite games and puzzles. Colouring books, magnetic games, playing cards and soft toys are all good ways of engaging kids.

If you have teenagers in the car, you can get them involved in the journey by asking them to navigate. 

Here’s another good idea for young children: make them a map of the journey and ask them to label interesting landmarks along the way with stickers.

Snacks and drinks

Don’t run out of food and drink when you’re travelling – make sure you pack plenty to keep the whole family going. 

Car sickness is often a common problem with young children. Although it can be very tempting to stock up on convenient sugary, processed snacks and fizzy drinks at petrol stations, you’re better off avoiding them completely as they can often increase queasiness in the car. Instead, pack plenty of healthy treats like cereal bars, fruits, fruit juice and homemade sandwiches. 

If you’re travelling with a baby, it might be worth investing in a bottle warmer that can be plugged into the car.

Adequate cover

One last tip: bring some extra peace of mind to your family car trip by choosing the right car insurance cover for your needs.

Dalani Home & Living – Twin Competition

Dalani Home & Living is the UK’s leading shopping club offering new sales that start daily with prices at up to 70% off the manufacturers’ RRP. All products are carefully curated by their style team and buyers who strive to source the best homeware brands for members. Membership to Dalani is free, and members receive a daily newsletter telling them what brands are on sale each day.

With products such as candles, lighting and cushions available, there really is something for every taste and requirement.

Dalani are currently running two competitions, one of which is totally exclusive to The SFR Family blog.  They have allowed me the opportunity to give a £50 voucher to give to one lucky person, not only that but everyone who signs up and enters the competition will be given a £15 voucher for their entry. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is sign up to Dalani HERE and EMAIL the answer to this question:

What is the name of the brand in the sale at the top of the Dalani homepage?

Please EMAIL your answer to with the subject ”Dalani Competition”. Competition closes 02.04.2012 at 9AM

Dalani also have another Competition in which they are offering two lucky readers the chance to win  £250 voucher to spend on their site.  To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize simply visit the Dalani site and choose what wonderful items you would spend the £250 voucher on.  Leave me a comment with your ideal shopping list and Dalani will choose two winners from all the 36 blogs taking part.

This closing date for this competition is also 02.04.2012 at 9AM

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Boots – Wonderful Pamper gifts for Mum and Baby

Mother’s Day has passed but you should not confine spoiling your mum to just one day a year. With gorgeous products for all occasions available at Boots all year round there is no need not to take a look. Everyone needs a little pampering every now and then Mums are certainly no exception.

The No7 Protect and Perfect range is widely renowned for great skincare at reasonable prices. Can you recall the waiting lists for the Serum? I do! I was on a list! Thankfully you no longer have to be put on a waiting list and I can firmly say I am still a huge fan of the serum!

To add to my collection I was recently sent the No7 Protect and Perfect Body Lotion (RRP £27 currently £12) to help me get my body in tip top condition for the summer. I have many body lotions but do have to admit to being terribly lazy with remembering to lather myself in cream every day however I actually wanted to use the No7 body lotion every day. It has made my skin feel so incredibly soft and moisturised that I cannot help but use it every day. With Spring already in the air now is definitely the time to help your skin.

When travelling I always find that toiletries seem to take up the most space in my suitcase and contribute heavily to the weight, which is why I prefer to travel with miniatures. They are so convenient and leave more room in my case for shoes! The Boots Extracts Mango Mini Gift Bag (which is a Fairtrade product priced at £6) is presented in a strong cardboard bag that will keep the products inside tidy and safe whilst travelling.

Liv loves her skin being moisturised and I am a stickler for making sure her skin is the best it can be (even if I don’t look after my own!) The Boots own brand Sensitive Moisturising Lotion and Sensitive Moisturising Cream (both priced at £2.03) are very gentle creams to use and you know that your child will benefit from both products. The range itself is comprehensive with products such as bath foam and body wash.

The Boots Parenting Club is definitely worthwhile joining!

Benefits you receive as a Parenting Club member:

10 points for every £1 spent on baby products within the baby area at Boots*

Receive regular glossy magazines if you continue to regularly buy baby products at Boots

24/7 access to information online including a parenting community

A chance to receive fabulous free gifts if you continue to regularly buy baby products at Boots

Handy email updates with information and advice tailored to your stage of pregnancy or baby’s age plus the latest Boots news and special offers


Spring Has Sprung – How Does Your Garden Grow

Now, I am no Charlie Dimmock – for a start I do not have Ginger hair and I do wear a bra – but I do quite like gardening! When the nice weather finally arrives, it is always nice to sit outside in a well manicured garden, surrounded by vibrant coloured plants whilst sipping an ice cold beverage.

My only problem is I am not green fingered in the slightest and find that plants seem to thrive when I do not actually look after them! I have always have grandiose visions of my own vegetable patch, the thought of cooking with vegetables grown by my own fair hands is very satisfying yet for me the novelty wears off quickly.

Tomato vines were not tended to, potatoes were left too long and not watered enough and as for my chillies, my attempt is not even worth talking about! The only food type item that has survived in my garden are my strawberries. Five years after planting, I always find my fridge full of wonderful, juicy, home grown strawberries that are in abundance as I have not actually touched them! I even made 9 pots of jam one year and distributed to friends.

This year my plans are to just grow Sweet Pea, beautiful flowers to look at that can be cut and arranged into little bouquets for the home which provide a sweet fragrance and make you smile.

As Spring has already made a slight appearance people will now be considering what to grow this year, keen gardener’s will already know and will have prepared and as for me… I am still staring at the packet of Sweet Pea seeds, I will plant them tomorrow…!

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